24 Rims Black Rims With Chrome Lip

Rims and Tires  – Do They Really Matter When It Comes To Car Performance?

If you thought 24 Rims  are  fair tales then think again, Some automobile enthusiasts claim that rims and tires define a vehicle – and if you don’t have a good set that looks nice, your vehicle is worth less.

The rim of the tire refers to what people who know very little about vehicles call the wheel, or more specifically, the ring of the wheel and the center of the wheel that you see in the middle of the tire, upon which the tire is mounted.

Many people care very little for a set that are on their vehicle when it ships from the factory and choose to buy what are known as aftermarket rims and tires in order to spruce up the vehicle’s appearance and customize the look of the vehicle. Beyond aesthetics, certain rims and tires can make a vehicle perform more optimally than others.

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Many auto parts suppliers and tire stores will give you a great deals when you purchase your rims and tires together – so if you’re considering changing out your old rims and tires for new ones – be sure to make the purchases at the same time.

Rims and Tires - Make Your Car Stylish

Nothing else enhances the look of your car or truck more than custom wheels, the bottom line is that rims make the look of the car. Within 15 minutes you can install chrome mags and the look of your car is totally different, from boring to show stopper. Everyone likes the look of aftermarket wheels, but how do you choose the right rims for your sports car?

Custom mag wheels are available from so many aftermarket wheel manufacturers it is truly amazing and the list grows every year. Some of the most popular names include Eagle wheels, Chip Foose rims and Weld wheels, to name a few. When choosing aftermarket wheels you can get cheap prices which sometimes means cheap quality or you can spend a little bit more and be 100% completely satisfied with your purchase. You get what you pay for, so you have to make sure you know what type of quality you are getting. But quality can be very expensive, so can the style of the wheel.

Where can you buy wheels from? You have a few choices here, you can shop at the local car accessory store or you can shop online for your wheels. Each has their own benefit. If you shop at a brick and mortar store you can touch and feel the rims before you and if you have questions a sales person can answer your questions. If you shop online you have less help, but the benefit is in the savings, you can save hundreds of dollars compared to retail stores. It's a give and take situation, if you have the knowledge I suggest you shop online, why pay more if you don't have to.

24 inch rims for sale

There are millions of wheel designs, sizes, styles, finishes and brands out there and quite often, people regret their choice in selecting the right wheel for their car when they are paid for and it's too late!

Choosing a new set of wheels for your car can be a fun exercise and definitely ad a whole new look and feel to your baby... your car that is!

When choosing the right wheels for your car, you need to first consider; how much do you have to spend and what can you afford to pay for new tires in the future? Yes purchasing the rims is a one off cost but you can spend anywhere from $60 per tire to around the $1250 mark depending on the size and make of your wheels.

Let us give you a rough idea of what you should consider when selecting your next set of rims!

Black on black? Hell yeah!
Black wheels with a chrome or polished lip can make a black care look insane! It can be a classy move and still add the whole bling aspect to your ride!

'Factory style' alloys are more frowned upon than the more common finished but if you are looking for that clean factory feel then this would be your best bet!

Gold wheels are commonly found on WRX's and Honda's. I am yet to see a nice sound match on any other modern car though. This is where basic colour rules come into play; where just a complementary colour and contrast colour are generally the best way to go. Not two contrast colours. (those being the gold and the colour of your car... Unless your car is white of coarse)

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